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Raziel book is a unique application that will solve one of the biggest problems of the cryptocurrency in the world and will be available soon.


With Ariel, you will not need to pay a lot of money to convert money


E2 (euro shop easy shop) is a commercial department store that will soon be available to you all over the world. You can place your favorite product from European sites, Amazon and eBay from the United States, and hand over at home.

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  1.  The awesome and revolutionary technology underlying Cryptos (Blockchain)
  2.  Making a ton of money along the way! I’ve been investing cryptos for a while now, and the returns are mind-blowing. Imagine earning 500% within 3 months. You absolutely cannot generate these returns using traditional investment alternatives …






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  1.  Syndrome means a set of symptoms that are seen by the doctor or felt by the patient. In this paper, we have tried to identify and make available to the public the most important trading issues under the title of syndromes (13 syndromes). In order to better store memory, sometimes tried to use titles and trades that are similar to those of a trademark, and apologize in advance to all the employees mentioned in these syndromes for any possible misunderstanding.


Gate Trade has been founded in 2017 to increase the chance of its members in financial markets such as Cryptocurrency and Forex. Gate trade is your best financial advisor and guide. Gate Trade analyzes and tries to give signal and counseling with low error percentage. That the analyses and the signals are given as a private service to private members.


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