Facebook Hires Former Aide to US Sen

Facebook Hires Former Aide to US Sen

Gate Trade News Tuesday, August 13, 2019 87 22

Facebook Hires Former Aide to US Sen. Mike Crapo to Lobby for Libra


Facebook hired former assistant of United States Republican senator Mike Crapo, Susan Stoner Zook, to join the lobbying team for its Libra stablecoin.


Facebook doubles down on Libra lobbying


News outlet Politico reported on Aug. 5 that Zook had been hired onto Facebook’s team of lobbyists working to win lawmakers over to Libra.Per the report, she wrote in an email that she will focus her work at the company on lobbying Republican senators.


As Cointelegraph reported in July, Crapo stressed the importance of building an overarching regulatory framework for data protection — not just for Facebook, but for all Internet companies looking to launch their own cryptocurrencies, á la the Financial Stability Oversight Council for banks.Still, he did not rule out Libra’s deployment.