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Gate Trade group has been working since 2017 in order to give you the facilities to succeed in financial markets and works on reporting and analyzing signals with low error rates and consulting.

Gate trade is the best cryptocurrency news and events reference in Persian world.

Here is the link of Coindesk's interview (which is the most reputable cryptocurrency news website) with Gate Trade group:


How We Answer  Members' Questions:

1. First, in order to get acquainted with the general process and rules, it is necessary to study the signal channel, the training channel and the videos.

2. Avoid unnecessary referrals to your private chat to respect the time of others and also to gain yourself a better signal preparation.

3. We are ready to answer you everyday in a week except on Fridays.

4. If you would like to investigate and invest in a coin or a  token off the list, announce your desired coin to us during the answering hours so that it can be analyzed as soon as possible. The process may take up to 48 hours.


Signaling During Membership:

1. A list of signals is announced at the beginning of each month for your monthly investment.

2. Short and long signals are provided and announced in 7 to 10 days.

3. During the week, if a coin or token is sure to be invested in, the signal will be reported for each.


Rules :

1. After signing up or extending your membership, if you are not  willing  to continue before the half of a month, only half of the amount will be refunded and no refunds will be given in the second half of the it.

2. Bringing up frivolous issues that seem to undermine group discipline and waste the time of others leads to your dismissal from the group and your subscription fee will be lost.

3. The goal of the group is to raise assets in dollars, and all signals, trading levels and stop-start rates are based on the dollar price. Unless it is not possible to trade the coin in dollars.

4. In case you change your mind and you need to make an immediate purchase or sale based on the recent new of market, it will be performed immediately even if it's not in the answering hours.

5. The trader is responsible for keeping track of and performing these analyzes at specified times or levels.


It should be noted that not all of the analyzes in this area or the various financial areas in the world are a hundred percent successful and the best analysis is the one with the lowest error coefficient.


Buying and selling within the group is permissible, but because of the lack of members' authentication, the authentication is done between the individuals themselves and all the consequences are for them.


While carefully studying all the above rules and issues, note that it is your responsibility to train in order to make a profit.


It is hoped that following the rules leads into a sustainable friendship and gaining profits.



  • Signal channel and presentation of coin analysisEducational Channel
  • Holding video conferences during the course
  • Introduction of ICOs Channel and Participating in them
  • Sharing information Between Members Channel 
  • Free use of the sms alert robot and the creation of a private coin monitoring channel. 

For the first time Gate Trade has added a new capability to the monitoring bot which allows users to have a channel of of Binance's selected currencies, including the details of each one, and this channel is updated every 3 minutes. Moreover,  all of the targets and stop losses are sent to traders in sms.


  • Providing a channel that reports the prices of four exchanges
  • Analysis and reviewing the most requested coin by members
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